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        ATS Ammonium Thiosulfate N12 S26

        Molecular formula: (NH4) 2S2O3

        Ammonium thiosulfate (ammonium sulfate, ATS).

        A clear, liquid solution containing 12% nitrogen and 26% sulfur, the most demanded sulfur-containing product used in the global fertilizer industry. An effective product that is able to increase the efficiency of liquid UAN fertilizer (urea ammonium nitrate solution).

        Country: Germany

        1141 USD in bulk - EXW - Lviv (Germany)

        1280 USD in IBC - EXW - Cherkasy (Germany)

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          Ammonium thiosulfate contains nitrogen in the ammonium form and thiosulfate sulfur, which exists in two oxidation states. This makes Sulphur more accessible to many plants. When applied to soils, ammonium thiosulfate decomposes into two parts: sulfate sulfur (SO4) 2 and elemental sulfur (S0). Sulphate sulfur is available to the plants immediately after application, but elemental sulfur must undergo a process of oxidation to sulphate, and therefore is available to the plants only after a certain time. In this way, Sulphur is evenly accessible for several weeks.

          Ammonium thiosulfate is compatible with basic liquid fertilizers such as UAN, RKD, as well as with plant protection products.

          The combined application of UAN and ATS improves Nitrogen assimilation in plants, which helps to a decrease in nitrogen losses from the soil, increases the content of ammonium and nitrate forms of nitrogen, increases phosphates mobility and improves the structure of sod-podzolic soil. The use of ammonium thiosulfate in various types of irrigation systems improves economic, environmental and agronomic efficiency.


          • nitrogen
          • sulfur


          • electrical conductivity
            168 μS/cm
          • water solubility
            highly soluble
          • density
            1.275-1.375 kg/cm
          • Ammonium thiosulfate (NH4) 2S2O3
            50 - 65
          • Sulphites (SO2-3)
            1.5 - 5.0
          • Sulphates (SO2-4 )
            max. 10
          • pH
            6.5 - 7.8


          • An average 20% increase of mineral forms of nitrogen available after application of a UAN tank solution with ammonium thiosulfate (ATS) by reducing gaseous losses of ammonia from the soil and washing of nitrate forms of nitrogen downward through the soil profile.
          • Optimization of nitrogen nutrition by inhibiting urease activities in soil and nitrifying bacteria activities.
          • Optimization of nitrogen supply to winter wheat, soybeans, corn, increase of crop yield and quality of marketable products.
          • Full compatibility in a tank mix with UAN and the ability to create a mix with any N: S ratio.
          • When creating a tank mix, there is no need for heating the mixture and additional active mixing.


          • Autumn, spring
          • All methods of root and foliar fertilization