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        NPK 6:24:6

        Liquid complex three-component fertilizer based on phosphoric acid, with a high phosphorus content and moderate nitrogen and potassium concentrations.

        Country: UAPG, Ukraine

        upon request - EXW/FCA - Cherkasy (Ukraine)

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          NPK 6:24:6 is suitable for large variety of crops and soil.

           The application rates of liquid complex fertilizer, like other fertilizers, may vary depending on soil type and moisture conditions, the method of fertilizer application, the precursor crop, the targeted crop yield and other factors.

          As a starter fertilizer, the recommended rate of liquid complex fertilizer application is 20-50 l / ha. In-Furrow application of liquid fertilizer is more efficient, and the recommended rate is 20 l / ha and above. The use of a sprayer for surface application requires high rates — 50 l / ha and above.

          For spring vegetation of winter crops and for later foliar feeding, the application rate is 2 5 l / ha.

          Micronutrients that are added to the liquid fertilizer enhance nutritional efficiency.

          Liquid complex fertilizer is applied undiluted during the main soil cultivation. During pre-plant soil treatment, the fertilizer should be diluted with water in the proportion of liquid fertilizer: water — 1: 1-2.

          As per nutrient requirements, NPK 5: 20: 5 is recommended to apply to the following crops:

          sunflower, in spring during or locally before sowing, to provide plants with enhanced phosphorus nutrition and moderate potassium nutrition at an early stage — before flower head formation and development;

          corn, in spring during or before sowing, depending on the conditions and technology, mainly to provide plants with digestible phosphorus and other nutrients at the stage of 5-7 leaves, with additional application of other fertilizers — nitrogen and potash;

          spring wheat, during or before sowing, depending on the conditions and technology, to saturate the plants with phosphorus at the early stages, when the plants are extremely sensitive to phosphorus starvation;

          sugar beets, on black soil, during sowing, can be used even without additional potassium application;

          common types of potatoes, for top dressing in the first growing season after pre-germination enhanced nitrogen nutrition.

          Liquid complex fertilizer may be used for winter crops during sowing, in particular for wheat and rapeseed, provided that potassium is applied separately for cultivation, as a main treatment.

          Many agricultural producers have a positive experience applying liquid complex fertilizer for other crops.


          • N
          • P
          • K


          • Density
            1324 g / l
          • pH
          • Crystallization temperature
            -12 ° С


          • stimulating root development - faster result than in the case of using fertilizers of any other forms;
          • complete solubility;
          • uniformity of application and highly accurate dosing;
          • using of various application technologies
          • high efficiency in dry conditions and at relatively low temperatures;
          • Is compatible with UAN nitrogen fertilizer;
          • Is more affordable than dry fertilizers.


          • Autumn, spring
          • Root and foliar fertilization, drip irrigation, fertigation